The Artists

Elizabeth Parsons


Born England 1831, arrived Australia 1870, died 1897

watercolour on paper, 22 x 33 cm
Private Collection

Ricketts Point was a popular spot for artists, and the coastline in this area was painted by many of the artists of the Heidelberg School. Tom Roberts, Frederick McCubbin and Louis Abrahams shared a house together in Mentone in the summer of 1886-87, and painted a number of major works at Ricketts Point.

Tom Roberts painted his work 'The Sunny South', c.1887, while Charles Conder, who painted in the area in 1890, produced his work 'Ricketts Point'. Walter Withers and many of the women artists of this era also painted the coastline of this part of Port Phillip Bay.

One of the reasons for the popularity of the area, was the ease of access, which was heightened after the railway line from the city to Brighton and its extension to Sandringham, commenced in 1882.

Note in the distance of this work, across Port Phillip Bay, the outline of the You Yangs.

Further information:
Tom Roberts - The Sunny South', c.1887

Left: Arthur Streeton - Above Us The Great Grave Sky, 1890
Collection: National Gallery of Australia, Canberra.

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