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Jane Sutherland

Jane Sutherland, c. 1885
Ms. 12311,
Sutherland Family Scrapbook,
La Trobe collection
State Library of Victoria

Jane Sutherland Biography

The following paintings can be viewed as part of this Collection:-

Jane Sutherland - Obstruction, 1887
Jane Sutherland - Girl in a Paddock, c. 1890
Jane Sutherland - The Mushroom Gatherers, c. 1895
Jane Sutherland - Daydream, c. 1895
Emanuel Phillips Fox - A Love Story, c. 1903
Jane Sutherland - Portrait of Margaret Sutherland as a Young Girl, c. 1905

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Left: Arthur Streeton - Above Us The Great Grave Sky, 1890
Collection: National Gallery of Australia, Canberra.

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