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Sir William Dargie



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For Australia. New York Herald Tribune 16 January 1955.

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Presentation of Portrait by Mr William Dargie of Miss C.S. Montgomery, First Principal, Melbourne Girls' High School, Saturday October 27, 1956. (Official Program).

A Vanished aristocracy, by Alan McCulloch. Herald, Melbourne 23 January 1957.

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Cartoonist Wep wins Archibald. Herald, Melbourne 12 December 1958.

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Party art. The Age 15 June 1973.

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Dargie's MacArthur up for sale today. The Australian 16 June 1973.

This is a reproduction of 'The General on the Lavatory'… The Age 16 June 1973.

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$5900 for the dearest loo door in the world. Sunday Sun, Brisbane 17 June 1973.

General's painting meets its Waterloo! Sunday Mirror, Sydney 17 June 1973.

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$5000 in 'door' bid. Courier-Mail, Brisbane 19 June 1973.

$5000 offer for painting too late. Times, Canberra 19 June 1973.

Dargie Opens Contest. Gazette, Nunawading, Vic. 20 June 1973.

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Tablelands may keep Mac on his loo seat. Sunday Sun, Brisbane 24 June 1973.

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Dargie painting sale is clinched. Post, Cairns, Qld. 3 July 1973.

Bill Dargie (back at the "Tech") praises old teacher. Mail, Sunshine, Vic. 11 July 1973.

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The $7000 sitting. Saturday Evening Mercury, Hobart 14 July 1973.

On Display. Courier-Mail, Brisbane 8 August 1973.

Yellow light for Dargie painting. Sydney Morning Herald 8 August 1973.

Plates for Opening (of the Sydney Opera House). Times, Canberra 20 September 1973.

Dargie hits at PM on art aid. The Age 5 November 1973.

Sir William will judge (Ryecroft Wines Award). The Age 2 July 1977.

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For Sale By Tender: Magnificent portrait in oil: Sir Robert Gordon Menzies by Sir William Dargie. Advertisement appeared in the Australian Financial Review, and The Age 24 September 1991.

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Master paints true picture on portrait. Herald Sun ? July 2000.

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Personal discussions with Sir William Dargie, and his children, Roger and Faye.

Left: Arthur Streeton - Above Us The Great Grave Sky, 1890
Collection: National Gallery of Australia, Canberra.

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